The Edtech Files: Episode 3 - Using iMovie on the iPad

Telling stories using video is something I love to teach. Over the last few weeks I've been working with Kindergarten students to teach them different camera shots. I was unsure how well such young children would cope with using iPads to shoot different types of shot, but in the true nature of experimenting, I went ahead and it was so much fun! I created a screen shot presentation of all the different camera shot from the Trailer of iMovie and talked through these shots. The students then took the iPads outside in groups of three and started to shoot a trailer. The trailer part of iMovie really allows for students to visually see the type of shot they need, so this proved to be a success. Some groups completed all the shots others didn't. So we then watched the trailers in the classroom and gave feedback on each! It was fascinating hearing such young children talking about close up shot, group shot etc.