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Implementing iPads into Learning

The 21st Century Learning Tool

iPads are the 21st century exercise book and workbook. 21st Century students use these devices seamlessly, however schools often don't use iPads to their best potential. As a media device they can offer students incredible ways to learn. From creating animations to understanding coding, from creating and publishing media content to mapping and location skills, the iPad can transform the classroom. AtTech Edu can offer schools ways in which iPads can be implemented effectively into the classroom to working with teachers on projects where the iPad becomes a tool for enhancing a learning experience.

Students iPad Induction

Student iPad Induction

AtTech Edu can offer advice on how to introduce iPads to students. Either in a 1:1 Learning environment or with shared class iPads. We can offer ideas on how to manage the iPads including how to encourage parents on the benefits of the iPad as a learning tool.

iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the Classroom

AtTech Edu can work with teachers to build integrated lessons that encourage the use of the iPad as a learning tool. We can support the development of assessment, feedback and student reflection in the classroom using different Apps from the App store.

iPad Implementation

iPad Implementation

AtTech Edu has experience with the set up of new iPads within a school. Whether this is through using an MDM or Apple Server, we can work with you on the most effective way to roll out an iPad programme. We can advise a school on a clear implementation plan.

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