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"This year, we are taking a new approach to learning through ICT and also developing our computing curriculum.  Richard has provided invaluable support and advice from the get go.  Because he is both a teacher and a whizz with technology, he completely understands the challenges faced by teachers in the classroom.  His own innovative classroom practice means that he has a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills that he passes on expertly to all practitioners at a level they can understand.  This means that teachers feel inspired by the CPD he delivers rather than overloaded.  Richard tailors his support entirely to the setting you're in, to align with your school improvement priorities and aims.  He has held online training for us, set-up a bank of online support materials, delivered 1-2-1 in and out of class support as well as staff meetings.  He is able to advise on a range or resources that are available that will achieve what you want to achieve in the context you're working in.   With his help, we are engaging students in learning that have been difficult to engage before and we are increasingly able to provide a future-facing approach to learning and teaching that can only benefit students and staff alike. I genuinely couldn't recommend his services enough."

(October 2017)

Liz Keeble


Vange Primary School & Nursery, Vange, Essex, England

"Richard has been working for Somers Heath for a few months and already there has been a huge impact on our IT provision. Richard has the knowledge and skills to rapidly transform schools so that they are at the cutting edge of new technology- essential if pupils are to equip themselves for the modern workplace.


Richard has updated our curriculum so that pupils work both collaboratively and independently on projects which require in-depth understanding, analysis and application." (October 2017)

Kevin Imbush


Somers Heath Primary School, South Ockendon, Essex, England

"Richard and I first met when joining Nexus Int School in Malaysia.  He was a great Tech coach, and very supportive of classroom initiatives, contributing to and driving a wide variety of projects.   I moved to another school in KL and became an IT Integrator.  When we ran our own Google Summit, Richard was the first choice as our Keynote speaker.  Teachers who attended his workshops were inspired and went on to use some the skills shared.  He has passion, enthusiasm and understanding as to what teachers need in terms of vision, implementation and support with the use of ICT in the classroom.  I look forward to working with Richard again in the future."


Adrianna Astle

IT Integrator

Taylor's International School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Working with Richard transformed my practice. Richard's enthusiasm for taking teachers and students on a journey is unparalleled. He showed me software that was easy to use and enabled deeper learning and key to me - was great fun. What was key was that he was there every step of the way energising me with his engaging ideas.

Richard saw through with me an ambitious project linking hundreds of students across the Borough which raised the profile of maths and inspired other teachers to have fun and join in."

Mrs Sarah Imbush
Director of Mathematics Faculty

Southend High School for Girls

Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

"Richard is always pushing innovation to new limits. His creativity in learning approaches combined with tools has redefined what is possible in the educational setting."

Gary Johnston

Instructional Technology Coach

Korea International School

"Richard Poth is a solid tech savvy guru!  My wealth of knowledge in technology personally and professionally in my teaching has sky-rocked this year!  He is current and up to date, knowing how to enhance any idea or project.  Utilize his skill sets now!"


Josh Greene

3-5 Grade Social Studies Teacher

Korea International School, Seoul Korea

"I have had the privilege of working with Richard Poth at Korea International School on a variety of projects.  He always brings positive energy and enthusiasm to any task, but his most remarkable quality is that he makes our work FUN and exciting.  Every project winds up being an opportunity to learn a new tech skill or two and I've found that exceeding my initial goal is always the outcome when I work with Richard!"

Kristi Green, MLIS

KIS Secondary Library

"Richard and I worked on many different projects including; a Project based Learning teacher instructional video; Clubs Accountability Systems; Self Marking Essay / Free Response Questions and the Service Volunteer Student Online Reflection and Community Partner Verification System and Training. 


The Service Learning system, the biggest project, with coaching from Richard I can safely say, I can teach others on how to manage, maintain and extend the system that has been created and that came down to Richard’s love for education, passion, drive, enthusiasm and flexibility."

Andrew Kennedy

HS Service Volunteer Coordinator

Korea International School, South Korea

"Richard is a consummate professional who brings a great deal of knowledge and skill to his role as Edtech Specialist and IT Co-Ordinator.  Richard has been a joy to work with, brings a collaborative approach to his craft, and is a solution oriented individual."

Ryan Persaud

Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning

Korea International School, South Korea

"Richard is great at making suggestions for how to meaningfully integrate EdTech. His knowledge of apps across a huge range of grade levels really impressed me. His clear passion for what he does comes through in his enthusiastic manner and he's my go-to when I need inspiration for how to take my teaching to the next level. I'm not interested in gimmicks or novelties and Richard reliably has ideas for how to make sure the tech supports the learning in meaningful ways."

Abena Bailey

English Language Arts Co-ordinator

Saigon South International School, Vietnam

“When I met Richard Poth at Nexus International School, I had basic IT skills. I soon started to attend his early morning sessions that he kindly offered, covering all skills a teacher could offer in class from google presentations to iMovies and so on. I was first a little apprehensive but his kindness, patience and understanding quickly made me dare more in class and experience different tools with way less nervousness - of course Richard was never very far and both his availability and encouragement were of a great support not to mention his sense of humour. I must admit that I feel now so much more confident and would highly recommend his expertise whether for beginners or for advanced people.”

Vanessa Merchadier

IB French teacher

Nexus International School (Singapore)

"Richard and I worked as technology integrators in Malaysia. Richard was a great colleague, had a positive attitude and worked well in bringing solid ideas that helped classroom teachers integrate technology into their lessons."

Jared Wilson

Secondary Deputy Headteacher

Nexus International School (Malaysia)

"Richard is a truly remarkable educator who has been instrumental in improving my use of technology in the classroom. I had the pleasure of working with Richard and was constantly amazed by his dynamism, intelligence and his caring insights into how to educate young people in the use of technology. He was always interested to motivate and drive new educational initiatives, creating some of the most amazing projects that brought students together from all backgrounds. Richard is unique in his ability to pick the technology that best suits the needs of his audience and to create meaningful projects to build lifelong skills. My son became a competent filmmaker and commentator, when he participated in Richard’s media course. Education and passion for learning about new technology, make him one of the best in the field and I am fortunate that I was privileged to learn from Richard."

Rosemarie De Vries


Morley Senior High School

"Richard is a knowledgable technology specialist. His ideas are on the cutting edge of technology integration. He works well with students to help them learn age/grade level appropriate material while giving them engaging challenges."

Megan Godek

Elementary Technology Specialist

Korea International School

"I worked with Richard Poth as part of a team of ICT Integrators,  in Malaysia at Nexus International School. The first thing that I noticed about Richard was his never ending enthusiasm. That enthusiasm extended to students and teachers. The second thing I noticed was his energy - which also seemed to be never ending. When you add those two qualities to Richard's imagination, you get to work with a person who pushes himself and everybody around him to use ICT in ways you hadn't imagined before."

Suneel Madahar

 ICT and Science & Biology teacher in Secondary

European School The Hague

Student Testimonial from Year 12 & 13 Students of Nexus International School, Malaysia.

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