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Coaching is all about building relationships and trust between the teacher and coach. We want teachers to be comfortable with sharing the classroom practice and developing the relationship so that ideas can be developed and planned so that the coach can work with the teacher to develop the best possible education to the students they teach.

AtTech Edu will work with your school to support teachers. We will be:

  • A Partner

  • A Mentor

  • A Designer

Combining these three elements AtTech Edu will help your school and teachers move forward in becoming confident with the integration of technology.

Instructional Technology Coaching

A Partner

As a Partner AtTech Edu will:

  • Listen to you

  • Think with you

  • Collaborate and plan with you

  • Observe and collect data with you

  • Analyse with you

  • Help you reflect

A Mentor

As a Mentor AtTech Edu will:

  • Advise you

  • Guide you in implementing new ideas

  • Helps you see your strengths

  • Encourages and supports you

A Designer

As a Designer AtTech Edu will:

  • Shares best practices

  • Curates and disperses content

  • Develops and delivers professional learning

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