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Media Integration & TV Production

21st Century Learning Learners live in a world of digital media. Whether this is video, photography or social, using digital media in learning is now part of what educators need to do. AtTech Edu has a wealth of experience with integrating media across the curriculum. From using blogs and sharing learing across the world, to story telling through film, from creating websites to using virtual reality to explore places they have never been, AtTech Edu can support you with integrating media effectively into your projects.

In addition, AtTech Edu can support a school with setting up a TV channel and studio where students can start to collaborate in teams by broadcasting the story of your school to the world.

Video in the Classroom

Video can be an incredible tool in the classroom. Whether that be filming an science experiment or recording an interview on a field trip, with 21st century hardware film can provide amazing learning opportunities for self & peer feedback as well as teacher assessment. AtTechEdu can support your school to enhance learning experiences with video.

Creating Movies

From inception of writing a story to storyboarding, to filming, editing and soundtrack development, AtTech Edu has the expertise to support the storytelling using film.

Live TV Production

Schools often have events that can be broadcast live over the internet, so family and friends can watch performances, assemblies, concerts or even direct learning from anywhere in the world. AtTech Edu can advise you on equipment that can achieve this, as well as supporting production.

Film Festivals

Why not run a Film Festival event at your school that can show case the films that your students are producing? AtTech Edu has experience with running school and nationwide film festivals in Singapore and can help your schools organise it's own red carpet events.

Examples of Media in Learning

Singapore International Student Film Festival

Media Integration Workflow

Creating Movies for Learning

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