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AtTech Edu pride themselves on delivering the best Professional Development and Learning for education professionals. Richard Poth is an experienced keynote speaker and workshop leader who has delivered training workshops for teachers across the world. He has designed and delivered hundreds of courses and workshops to cater for educators from Kindergarten to Year 13.

AtTech Edu can tailor training for your teachers specifically for your needs and school goals.

Richard is a qualified Google Apps for Education (G-Suite) Trainer and Innovator as well as an Apple Distinguished Educator. He also has extensive experience with media. His training can be specific application training or he can focus on pedagogical ideas. Sessions can range from one hour workshops to full day and multi day training events. The training can be tailored to your schools needs to suit the vision of the school.

Professional Learning & Development

Coding CPD

  • Introduce your staff to Coding with fun activities that will inspire them to teach Coding lessons.

  • Scratch 101 - using Scratch as that bridge for cross curricula coding lessons.

  • Understand Apples "Everyone Can Code" curriculum that gives scripted lessons for you to follow.

  • Use Lego Wedo with Scratch to teach robotics.

  • Separate Key Stage 1 & Key Stage sessions available.

  • Tailor your session to what you want developed in your school.


Have you heard of BreakoutEDU? Think of an Escape Room for the classroom or the Crystal Maze for your students. AtTechEdu Limited can now provided training and BreakoutEDU activities. BreakoutEDU creates opportunities for Critical Thinking, Collaboration, & Problem Solving.

  • Engage your students

  • Team build with your staff

  • Problem solve together

Google Training

  • Mobile Google Apps - A journey of discovery with the Google Apps on a mobile device.

  • Google Classroom Wow! - The amazing world of Google Classroom and how it can be utilised with your students.

  • Google Maps in Learning -Discover the power of using Google Maps.

  • Google Sheets in Maths - Find great ways of using Spreadsheets in Mathematics.

  • Google Sites for Beginners - How to build Google Sites for learning

  • Google Forms - Discover how Google Forms can effectively change what you do in the classroom

  • Google Scripts and Addons - Check out what you can do with scripts and Addons in Google Apps

  • Timelines in Learning - Build interactive timeslines in Google Apps

  • The Research Project - How to create a complete project utilising word processing, presentation and research skills

Other Training

  • Flip the Pen - A Method of teaching where you use Technology first and then the pen.

  • Bring your own Cloud - How to leverage a multi-device ecosystem in order to support teaching and learning

  • Deign thinking: Ideate tools - Tools to gather ideas within the Design thinking process.

  • Coding from Scratch - An introduction to using Scratch in the Classroom

Apple Training

  • Quicktime - Hints and tips on using Quicktime as an effective teaching tool.

  • Preview - Hints and tips on using Preview to support teaching and learning.

  • Mac Basics - Using an Apple Mac computer for beginners.

  • iMovie - An introduction to using iMovie as a tool for understanding digital story telling.

  • A Digital Workflow - Using Apple Applications to build an effective multimedia presentations

  • Apple Teacher - Comprehensive training for the Apple Teacher programme

  • Swift Playgrounds - Introduction to Swift Playgrounds and swift programming

Media Training

  • Media in the Classroom - How to effectively integrate photo, video and film into the classroom.

  • A Digital Workflow - Using Apple Applications to build an effective multimedia presentations

  • iMovie - An introduction to using iMovie as a tool for understanding digital story telling.

  • Green Screen in the classroom - How to use different green screen techniques

  • Live TV Broadcasting - An introduction to Blackmagic hardware for the purpose of live broadcast

  • YouTube in Learning - How to utilise YouTube as an effective teaching tool

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