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G-Suite for Education

AtTech Edu's founder, Richard Poth, has extensive experience with G-Suite for Education. From delivering multiple workshops at conferences around South East Asia to implementing different systems to increase productivity within a school, Richard has a proven track record of using G-Suite for Education effectively in schools.  He is a qualified Google Level 2 Educator, Google Trainer and Google Innovator and is in an excellent position to work with schools at all levels of implementation and development.

Implementation Support

  • Do you have old laptops lying around? Convert them to Chromebooks at minimal cost!

  • Are you considering moving to Google Apps?

  • Have you moved to Google Apps and not sure where to go next?

  • Are you finding staff training difficult to manage?

  • Are you worried how students will manage using G-Suite?

Building Systems

  • Do you want to increase productivity in your school?

  • Do you need ways to effectively manage different programs in your school, such as clubs (click an example), professional development and service learning?

  • Is documenting assessment an issue at your school?

  • Does your school need effective way to manage systems such as staff annual leave, order requisitions etc?

Training to become

Google Educators

  • Do you want qualified Google Educators within your school community?

  • Would support from Google experts help your school integrate G-Suite into your daily school routines?

  • Would having qualified Google Educators,Trainers and Innovators support Teaching & Learning goals within your school?

If the Answer to any of the above Questions is "Yes", AtTech Edu can help you.

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