Philosophy on Education

Everyone is a learner. 21st century tools allow learning to happen almost anywhere. The modern definition of teaching is changing. Teachers are becoming facilitators of learning where they can support the development of self learning. Professor Sugata Mitra, a leading education technologist, once said, "Teachers are not supposed to be repositories of information which they dish out. That is from an age when there were no other repositories of information, other than books or teachers, neither of which were portable. A lot of my big task is retraining these teachers." The way education is delivered is fundamentally changing as a result of the technology available to learners.

As an education technology specialist/coach/integrator it is my responsibility to support how Teachers can move towards a modern education system. I want to inspire Teachers by finding fun ways that students can communicate, collaborate and create. However to do this the fundamental skills need to be taught effectively. Delivering supportive professional development that can underpin transdisciplinary project based learning is essential to ensure effective application of these skills.