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Let them Discover

Sound sound sound! That’s what I tell my students when making a video. Get that right and the you can get away with ok visuals. However, I have found plenty of videos where the sound isn’t good, but the learning was exceptional. This is particularly true with screencasts. A good screencast can be watched without any sound, as it can be followed visually with the presenter.

As an Edtech Specialist in my school, one of my aims is to help facilitate the learning. I believe that the term ‘teacher’ in this technological world should be redefined. A ‘teacher’ should be able to walk into any classroom and facilitate the learning that is happening in that classroom, whether they know about the subject or not. Whether this is a physics class or visual arts, as teacher you should be able to guide the learners in the room.

So when it comes to Youtube, I can find videos that are appropriate to the way I learn, but this may not be the case for the students I teach; so I rarely send videos to the learners to watch. I like to employ strategies that will enable the learners to find the videos for themselves or to create videos for themselves.