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Coding School MasterClasses

CodingSchool.Uk is pleased to offer three Masterclasses during the Summer break. These Masterclasses are designed for students that have an interest in the two areas on offer, coding and filmmaking. They will spend a whole day learning with a qualified teacher that specialises in Education Technology.

Coding Drones & Robots Masterclass

Lets take Flight and Learn Swift Coding

Dates Wed 8th August, Thurs 16th August & Wed 22nd August 

Have you ever wanted to code a drone? During the Winter Olympics in Seoul, Intel launched over 1200 drones into the sky for the opening ceremony. These drones created incredible displays now known as digital fireworks. Every drone needed to be coded to synchronise in perfect unison. How would you like to experience coding a drone and learn the skills to become a digital firework expert? During this masterclass we will use the Swift programming language to code Mambo drones. You will code the drone to use the camera, pinchers and canon to produce some incredible flights. In addition we will code some land based robots in Swift, such as Sphero and Dash. This will be a fun filled day of coding machines to perform some amazing feats. If you have an iPad, please bring this along with Swift Playgrounds app installed.

Suitable for Year 5,6 & 7

Filmmaking Masterclass

Movie Making with the iPad including Green Screen

Dates Thurs 2nd August, Wed 15th August & Thurs 23rd August

The iPad is an incredible machine. You can create incredible movies using a few different apps. Have you ever wanted to do some Green Screen work and put yourself into a place you've always dreamed of going? How about the top of the Eiffel Tower? Or space walking amongst the star? Or even being chased by a train? Or how about doing a weather report on the great British weather? During this Masterclass you will experience using different apps on the iPad to create wonderful professional looking movies. Learn the techniques of camera work with the iPad and how you can get the best sound quality. Learn about Green Screen and using different techniques to create special effects. Learn about soundtracks and creating your own to enhance the movie you have created. This Masterclass to for anyone who loves making movies and it's all done on the iPad. Please bring along your iPad if you have one with iMovie, Garageband, Keynote and Green Screen Apps Installed.

Suitable for Year 4,5,6, & 7

Scratch Masterclass

Create a game from Scratch

Dates Wed 1st August, Thurs 9th August

Scratch is a wonderful coding app that allows younger learners to become familiar with the concepts of coding. Within Scratch you can create anything, from games and choose your own adventures to calculators and mathematical tools. You can even connect Lego robots to Scratch and code them to move and do what you want. In this Masterclass we will look at coding games and Lego robots in Scratch. We will look at creating some programs that can then be shared around the world for others to play. At the end of this Masterclass you will have the skills to continue coding in Scratch and create coding programmes for the world to see. Skills such as problem solving and critical thinking, improve your patience and resilience, learn how to fail and fail again before you succeed. If you want an introduction to coding then this Masterclass is for you.

Suitable for Year 3,4,5 & 6

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